About Faith Outreach New Zealand

Faith Outreach Children's Home in Odisha India - Photo taken December 2018

Della & John Bridge

Della & John Bridge

Faith Outreach New Zealand® - Also known as FONZ®

Faith Outreach New Zealand is a non profit Charitable Trust established in 1996 to give support to the work of John & Della Bridge in the Faith Outreach Children's Home in Odisha India.

The work of Faith Outreach New Zealand is to help :-·

  • encourage people to sponsor a child at Faith Outreach for $40 a month
  • encourage donations to help the Faith Outreach Home look after the children.
  • To keep sponsors updated with an annual school progress report and photo of their sponsored children and to keep sponsors and supporters updated with news from John Bridge.
  • To take people interested in the ministry work of Faith Outreach for a two week round trip.

The Faith Outreach NZ Board is made up of a volunteer staff who have all been over to Faith Outreach.

Sponsorship of a child

Your gifting of $40 per month helps towards daily food, clothing, tuition, education, stationery, uniforms, medical and dental care for a child, and indirectly of the many hundreds of other children to whom Faith Outreach Odiisha provides care for.

Each year, there are parent/s or guardians seeking admission into the Jharsuguda Home and School for their children. Often these are solo parents whose partners have died (usually due to poverty, disease or childbirth) and they are unable to feed or pay for education for their child, but they desperately want their child to have a better life. So they bring them to Faith Outreach which is known in the community as an established Home for children in need and has a well known reputable school for the children to attend.

By supporting Faith Outreach, you are partnering with John and Della Bridge and their family to make a real difference in the life of a needy child.


Faith Outreach is an organization aimed at the uplifting of the poor and suffering tribal people of Odisha, India. Founded in 1986, Faith Outreach Odisha is an Indian Government recognized and registered society with it’s headquarters based in Jharsuguda, Odisha (Orissa).

  • There is one main Children’s Home with approx. 800 children in full-time care.
  • Four Day Care Centres : Sarasmal, Ganesh Nager, Rengali, Mohiada. Village children receiving daily support.

John P. Bridge

John was born in Lancashire, England to a Roman Catholic family. When only 5 years old his heart was already moving in love and compassion for the poor. He pinned up pictures of children from India and prayed.  During an altar call, he felt a strong urge to dedicate his life for India. John decided to leave all behind, and so with only the clothes on his back and a handful of personal possessions, he set off on foot for India in 1978. Upon arrival an Oryia Pastor met John and suggested he work in Odisha. When John saw the tribal belt of Odisha, he decided to dedicate his life for these needy people.  

In 1983, John married Della who shared his love for the poor.  Seeing the needs in the tribal belt of Odisha, John pioneered social and educational programs.

In 1992 John was granted Indian Citizenship after which he started to build a  children’s home in Jharsuguda.

John is the Secretary of Faith Outreach and the Principal of the Jharsuguda Training College,  Della is the Principal of the Higher Secondary English Medium School on the Campus. 


Faith Outreach employs national Indian staff, Some of the girls go on to be Child Care Workers at the Home.  .   Faith Outreach NZ Leaders  take a team of up to 10 people to Faith Outreach, or a team can go on their own. This gives sponsors or anyone interested in this work a chance to come and visit for two weeks or more, helping out and teaching the children english.  Anyone can stay on longer by arrangement if they want to help at the home.